Pastoral Care

Appearance and uniform

There is an expectation that all members of the Academy will strive to look their best.  For students this will mean wearing the Academy uniform correctly and with pride travelling to, from and within The ACE Academy.

There should be no evidence of dye or tints applied to the hair, and it should be an appropriate style and length.  Make up and jewellery should not be worn.  Please refer to the Academy website for guidance on our uniform policy. 

Advice is always available from the Academy and parents are encouraged to ask when uncertain.  Students can and will be disciplined if they are not wearing the correct school uniform in the academy, to and from the academy, as well as and on trips.


Year Teams and Tutor Groups

Children are allocated to a Tutor group and a House when they enter the Academy and will stay with that tutor group and House throughout their Academy career.  All aspects of support for academic progress and pastoral care take place within that tutor group and Year team.  Your child’s tutor should be your first port of call for any issues, concerns or queries that you may have regarding your child.  It is our expectation that the tutor should know your child better than anyone else in the Academy and provide the necessary support for them to flourish.

A Head of Year, Behaviour Manager and an Administrator will also be part of the team that is responsible for the pastoral care and academic progress of your child.  They will work with tutors to ensure that students remain engaged, enthused and inspired in their education at The ACE Academy.


You will find a number of documents below that will help to explain our approach to Pastoral Care and ensuring excellent student welfare.  

There will aso be updated information for you to keep abreast of any Academy developments in this area.


The Parent, Academy, Student contract:


Student Code of Conduct:


Year 7 Graduation Process and Ceremony

Year 8 Graduation Process and Ceremony