Sandwell SIPS Concert

16 December 2015

Ace brass students performed at the Sandwell SIPS Music Concert
last week at Shireland Collegiate Academy. Jack Taylor (year 7),
Bethany Shephard (Year 9), and Tyler Wardley (year 9) played a
selection of music with Sandwell Intermediate Brass Band and Hannah
Durdin (year 10) and Macy Boddy (year 9) performed as part of Sandwell Youth
Band. Callum Davis (year 9) played with Youth Band on
tuba and then with Sandwell Jazz Orchestra playing solo tenor
saxophone. It was an excellent concert and all the students were
a credit to ACE. Callum even got a special mention for his
dedication and the fact he now plays in all four of the SIPs Music
senior ensembles!