SEND: The Hub

What is The HUB?


The HUB is the outcome of recent developments up in Pupil Support.  We identified a need for our students to access a wider range of support strategies that would encompass, not only their learning needs, but also those that linked to their mental, social and emotional well being.

The HUB was established to cater for those needs by:
  • Utilising staff expertise within the Academy
  • Providing bespoke provision in a safe environment for some students
  • Providing clear access routes to more specialised provisions e.g EP, CAMHS


The aims of The HUB are simple:
  1. To ensure that all Students are accessing education
  2. To ensure that any potential barriers to progress/development are removed
  3. To Support any student in achieving and exceeding their potential


What is currently being offered as provision?

Drama/Art therapy


Ed Psych

SPLC Support


Forest school

Y11 Curriculum support

Medical supportAP support



Behaviour support

VI /HI support

Anger management


PRU re-admission

School refuser

Learning support


Local Offer: