Pupil support

The ACE Academy Pupil Support Department is proud to offer a wide range of programmes that support pupils with a range of needs (including Special Educational Needs and Disabilities), helping them to achieve their best whilst at school and prepare them for Post 16.

We aim to achieve our aims by:

  • Placing a strong focus on attainment and achievement for pupils, regardless of their ability, gender or social standing.
  • Devising individual programmes to suit a range of needs, and engaging pupils in the planning and reviewing of these programmes.
  • Deploying support staff within classrooms to meet the needs of individual and groups students.
  • Ensuring there is a strong emphasis on staff training.
  • Arranging for pupils to undertake accredited vocational courses as part of a personalised programme at KS4.
  • Giving opportunity to take part in business and community activities.
  • Working closely with the Sandwell Connexions Team regarding training and employment Post 16.
  • Offering specialised support with language development and support in adapting to cultural differences to those pupils new to our Country.

We currently have a large and experienced team of Learning Support Practitioners, Learning Mentors and a Home Liaison Officer all of whom contribute greatly to the success of the Department. The team is led by a member of the Senior Leadership Team (Ms. J. Bisbrown) and two middle leaders (Mrs. A. Martin and Mr. R. Rainbird-Hitchins).

We have strong links with our local primary schools and close links are maintained with external agencies who offer both advice and curriculum opportunities. Examples of these are Inclusion Support Service, Sensory Support Team, Occupational Health, Sandwell Connexions, CAMHS, The Albion Foundation, Black Country Wheels, Startright and Impact. In addition to these agencies, we take a number of opportunities to undertake collaborative work with other local secondary schools.

We are very proud of our new facilities and have been able to develop a number of new initiatives as a result. For example;

  1. “The Room” is a work space staffed by a Learning Support Practitioner and Learning Mentors. The members of staff work with students in a quiet area offering individual/group programmes or facilitating support for specific subjects.
  2. A number of nurture groups that focus on social skills and self-confidence for pupils at KS3 and a social skills programme entitled ‘Trapped’ for KS3/KS4 pupils.
  3. A Therapy Room to deliver physiotherapy and other medical support.

If you would like to learn more, or visit the Department, please contact Mrs. Martin or Mr. Rainbird-Hitchins) at the Academy.

ACE Wave 3 Withdrawal Sessions for Students

If your child receives support from The Pupil Support Department, you may receive a letter from us, informing you that your child is going to be part of a Wave 3 Intervention Group.

What is Wave 3 Intervention?

  • It is small withdrawal group work, and can occasion be delivered 1:1
  • Aims to give pupils skills of confidence and techniques to develop their literacy and numeracy skills.
  • In each lesson we focus on spelling, reading, handwriting, punctuation and comprehension skills to meet the pupils’ individual needs

When does the intervention take place?

  • It is run over a set period of time with frequent reviews
  • It normally takes place 3 times each week for hourly sessions.
  • Each session is broken down into 4 smaller sessions of
    • Reading their accelerated reading book
    • Spelling and phonics skills
    • Comprehension
    • Handwriting practice

Different interventions delivered by the Pupil Support Team:

Toe by Toe

  • Any child with reading difficulties –especially those who have been diagnosed as having Specific Learning Difficulties
  • 1:1 student to Teaching Assistant as an on-going programme
  • Page by page, step by step with instructions
  • Starts at the beginning of phonics and works up from there.

Enable Plus

  • Appropriate for SEN pupils who are in Year 7 or 8.
  • 2 x 30 minutes as a small group, plus 10 minutes each week 1:1 for 10 weeks.
  • Direct instruction of high frequency words and phonics
  • Includes guided and shared reading sessions using a variety of texts

Sound Discovery

  • Low attainers and those who have Specific Learning Difficulties
  • 3 x week in small group for up to 10 weeks
  • Synthetic phonics programme for the teaching of reading, spelling and writing
  • Includes blending and segmenting and to use this knowledge in reading and writing
  • Delivered in fast paced sessions with multi-sensory activities

Corrective Reading

  • For pupils who are reading one or more years below their chronological age
  • 3 x week in small group for up to 17 weeks
  • Available in 2 strands – decoding and comprehension

ACE Writing

  • Small group intervention for students who are not making expected gains in writing
  • 20 minutes twice each week for a minimum of 10 weeks
  • Each session involves a dialogue between pupil and the TA about a piece of independent writing which can come from any curriculum area
  • Uses the praise, improve and plan model


  • A highly personalised phonics approach to reading based on ‘Letters and Sounds’
  • Sessions are delivered 1:1 for 20 mins each day
  • It uses 55 specially designed games to teach and reinforce reading and spelling.
  • Records are kept once students have been added to the system
  • Is especially useful for students with Dyslexia

Yes We Can Read

  • A phonics based programme to develop reading for meaning
  • Can be delivered 1:1 by anyone who can read
  • Well spaced text and easy to read font make it Dyslexia friendly


  • A computer program to help improve understanding and use of numbers.
  • The program is delivered 1:1 and uses 45 games that teach and reinforce numeracy
  • Has the ability to be used on Interactive white boards
  • Is particularly beneficial for those with Dyslexia and Dyscalculia

Corrective Mathematics

  • Intensive programme that is delivered to small groups of pupils who have difficulty with Mathematics
  • Organised into 7 modules including Addition and Subtraction
  • 20 mins sessions are delivered 3 times per week for 10 weeks