Student quote

“I really enjoy the independent learning tasks we do, and the subject has made me think about society in a new and more critical way”.

At AS and A2 Level, students follow the AQA syllabus which offers them the opportunity to study a range of topics and issues within sociology.  It provides students with a strong base of sociological knowledge, which they can then develop further at degree level if they chose to study sociology at university.

Exam Board

  • AQA

Entry requirements

  • A minimum grade B grade in English is desirable.


The topics that students cover at AS are

  • Family
  • Education
  • Research methods

The topics that students cover at A2 are:

  • Religion
  • Crime and deviance
  • Sociological theories
  • Sociology as a science


  • SCLY1     Family
  • SCLY2     Education and Methods
  • SCLY 3     Beliefs in Society
  • SCLY4    Crime and Deviance and Method and Theory

Progression routes from this course:

This subject will suit students that are studying towards other humanities or social science subjects such as politics, psychology, history, geography, law, philosophy and health and social care. The course requires students to complete extended writing and essay tasks, as well as independent research, so being comfortable reading and assimilating information is essential, as well as being able to express their ideas and communicate well in writing.  Students will be expected to have an interest in current issues and be willing to discuss these. They will be taught to think critically and analytically.

Careers for which Sociology has relevance relevance include teaching, journalism, the police, social work, nursing and the civil service.  

However, most jobs would regard sociology as an academic  A Level in which you have gained many desirable skills.