BTec First I Hospitality Award Level 2

Exam Board

  • Edexcel


  • Pupils are awarded a Pass, Merit or Distinction grade

About the course

BTEC Firsts in Hospitality provide a practical, real-world approach to learning and develop specific knowledge and skills learners needed to work successfully in the hospitality industry, such as:

  • Understanding industry trends and the impact on wider economic, environmental, social and ethical issues
  • Using non-verbal and verbal communication skills in a wide range of situations, for example, dealing with customers in order to deliver outstanding service
  • Exploring the importance of team working to work successfully in different job roles

Learners will also be able to present their work in a variety of ways, including:

  • Producing training manuals, leaflets or posters
  • Taking part in role-plays and discussions
  • Face-to-face or audio-visual presentations

Course Content

A Btec Level 2 Award consist of 2 core units (totalling 60 GLH), 1 mandatory unit (totalling 30 GH) and 1 optional specialist unit (totalling 30 GLH).  This is a total of 120 guided learning hours(GLH)   . The duration of the course is one (1) year.   

Core Units:

Unit 1 – Introduction to Hospitality

Hospitality is one of the largest industries in the UK. It has over two million employees and makes a significant contribution to the UK economy. It is a dynamic industry that responds quickly to changing market needs, through rapid growth, innovation and diversity. This enables the hospitality industry to offer many different types of employment, with opportunities for you to work in this country and around the world. In this unit learners will explore different aspects of the hospitality industry by looking at its component parts, gaining an insight into the business of hospitality and the different products and services it provides.

Assessment: The unit is externally assessed using paper –based exam. Exam is 1hour  30 minutes - 50 marks

Unit 2 – Working in the hospitality industry

How do you have an enjoyable working life in the hospitality industry? What knowledge must you develop to be successful in a demanding job role working with colleagues and customers? Understanding the importance of customer service and working as an effective team member is an essential requirement for anyone who wants to work in a successful hospitality business. This unit gives learners the opportunity to explore the teamworking and customer service required to work successfully in a variety of job roles within the hospitality industry.

Assessment: This unit is internally assessed using coursework – approx 4 hours  

Mandatory Unit

Unit 3 – Food Safety and Health and Safety in Hospitality

What must you do to ensure your hospitality business complies with food safety and health and safety law? Health and safety law and food safety regulations apply to all businesses, whether big or small. All staff working in hospitality businesses are responsible for food safety and health and safety. In this unit learners will study the importance of following appropriate procedures to maintain food safety. They will learn about the procedures to maintain food safety when storing, preparing, cooking and serving food. Businesses within the hospitality industry adopt these procedures to prevent any problems with potential food safety hazards.

Assessment: This unit is internally assessed using coursework – approx 4 hours  

Optional Unit

Unit 6 - Planning, Preparing, Cooking and Finishing Food

Eating out has never been so good! There is now a huge choice of cafes, restaurants etc, all offering a variety of different foods.  Today, people are much more adventurous in their choices of food and there are more healthy eating options.  This is a practical unit. This unit will help pupils develop a range of cooking skills. Pupils will learn :

  • about different ingredients and cooking methods and how these contribute to a healthy diet.
  • How to make dishes look attractive by using garnishing and presentation skills
  • The value of getting feedback from people evaluating your own work to help further develop their skills.

Assessment: This unit is internally assessed using coursework – approx 4 hours  

Personal Attributes

Creativity, Flexibility, Perseverance, Problem solver, Good Communicator, Organise, Effective time manager.

Progression and the Future

This course provides students with skills, knowledge and understanding for level 2 learners to progress to other level 2 vocational courses; level 3 vocational courses, BTEC Level 3 in Hospitality (QCF); employment within the hospitality industry e.g. junior roles such as chef, waiter/waitress, hotel porter, assistant front –of-house staff,etc or apprenticeships in hospitality and catering.