Student Quote

"A level French is challenging, but extremely rewarding’’

Exam Board

  • AQA (2650)

Entry Requirements

  • Preferably  a  Grade B in GCSE French


  • FREN1 / FRE2T – study of the following topics – Media (television/ advertising/ new technologies); Family relationships ( family/ friends/ marriage); Popular culture ( fashion/cinema/music); Healthy Living ( sport/healthy living/holidays)
  • FREN3 / FRE4T – study of the following topics – Environment (pollution / energy/ protecting the planet); Multicultural Society ( immigration/ integration/ racism); Contemporary Social Issues ( wealth and poverty/ law and order/ impact of science and technology); two cultural topics – e.g. a French novel; a French play; a geographical region; a period of French history


  • FREN1 Listening, Reading and Writing – Examination 35% of A level.
  • FRE2T Speaking –Examination 15% of A level
  • FREN3 Listening, Reading and Writing – Examination 35% of A level
  • FRE4T Speaking – Examination  15% of A level

Progression routes from this course

Apart from being beneficial at a personal level, an A Level in Modern Foreign Languages can help with a number of
career paths. For those who want to specialise in language, there’s translation or teaching. It can also be invaluable in the travel and tourism industry. Even as an engineer or designer, being proficient in a language will give broader career options.